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mlenow+ Partner Program

New generation of entrepreneurs. New kind of help.

Remote work and cloud based software has changed business.

mlenow+ Partner Program

Providing advice and direction to entrepreneurs is evolving. Software is making task-based help obsolete while creating demand for decision-based help.

Entrepreneurs are learning how to be more effective by using cloud-based software and apps creating opportunities for new efficiencies and business improvements. Communication and interaction is transitioning from in-person to online through various mediums including texting, chat apps, video conferencing and collaborative software tools as entrepreneurs look to make the most of their available time.

Data is being captured in a real-time through online bank feeds, e-transfers, electronic invoices and bills and is being presented through e-statements and electronic reporting apps and software dashboards. Financial information is organized in cloud-based accounting software and other applications which means easier access and less work for entrepreneurs who are looking to increase their profit and business value.

Accountants are worried they are becoming obsolete. Are you?

Task-based versus Decision-based Accounting

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How can you increase the value of your billable hours by helping Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z entrepreneurs?

Having real-time data and remote interaction tools means that entrepreneurs can access advice and direction on how to improve the profitability and value of their business wherever they are and whenever they need it. As a result of the on-demand economy, an opportunity exists for accountants and bookkeepers to transition their billable hours from task-based accounting work to decision-based accounting work. Software and other applications have reduced or removed the need to complete data entry and management tasks. This has created an opportunity for accountants and bookkeepers to use their knowledge and experience to help entrepreneurs make decisions based on their clients' data and goals.

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mlenow+ Partner Program

mlenow is a new way to work with your business clients. Traditionally, entrepreneurs have used analysis tools that include charts, graphs and template explanations based on stale-dated information to get help for their business. Using mlenow, entrepreneurs are able to use their real-time data to get real-time advice and direction from people they trust based on simple information they understand.

Entrepreneurs are connecting mlenow to their cloud-based accounting software, and creating anonymous mlenow blocks, or summaries, of their financial information which includes a simple valuation of their business. The information is anonymous and entrepreneurs are getting the help they need without risking the identity and integrity of their private data. This means they have questions and need direction on how to make decisions that will improve their results.

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