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Being successful means building a business that can make money which is needed to hire people and acquire resources that in turn are used to create value. Many entrepreneurs fail to make money because making money is hard – especially if you don’t know what you don’t know. There are basic principles that every entrepreneur can learn and follow to ensure their success. Using your balance sheet and profit and loss statement, mlenow provides entrepreneurs with a current and potential valuation of their business including a simple snapshot of their business financials.

Entrepreneurs should be checking their business valuation on a regular basis to ensure their success.

Your Balance Sheet

Check your Balance Sheet.

What does your business own? What does your business owe?

Your balance sheet is a summary of what your business owns and who your business owes. The profit from your business is used to purchase assets or pay down debt. What is your strategy for building equity?

How is your business using its equity to build value?

Your Balance Sheet

Check your Profit and Loss Statement.

What does your business earn? What does your business spend?

Your profit and loss statement is a summary of what your business earns and what your business spends. The profit your business earns is used to create value by purchasing assets or paying off debt.

How is your business using its profit to create value?

Your Business Value

Unlock your business value.

Use your cloud-based accounting software to see what your business is worth.

What is the current value of your business? What is the potential value of your business if you made some changes?

Has the value of your business improved?

Share the value of your business

Share your information anonymously through an mlenow Block.

An mlenow Block is specific financial data from your cloud-based accounting software that is stored anonymously. Your mlenow Block is updated every time you check the value of your business and can be used to share your data with people such as bankers, investors, accountants and consultants.

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Connect with People

What if you could get advice from people that understood the challenges and opportunities your business has? mlenow can help you connect with people.

Connect with Capital

What if you could find capital from investors and bankers that understand your business? mlenow will help you connect with capital.

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Connect with Markets

What if you could access markets and opportunities that your business could capitalize on? mlenow will help you connect with markets.

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Take your business to the next level

mlenow is where entrepreneurs can discover how to build a valuable business. This is done by using cloud-based accounting systems to find key data points that create an instant valuation and action plan for increasing profits. Entrepreneurs can use mlenow to record the changes in their valuation, send their results to people that can help them like accountants, coaches, consultants, etc. or post their results to a community that can provide them with feedback and comments.

Create your mlenow Block today and build a valuable business.

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